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What is a sigil?

A sigil is a symbol infused with specific energy, including the power of a focused intention, an archetype, or a being -- like a loved one. The Sigil Signet is a visible reminder for you to embody or connect to the energy the sigil represents. Change your actions and mindset to change your reality.

Learn more about sigils here.

How is a sigil created?

A Sigil is created by writing the phrase or word of the energy to be embodied. Strike the vowels and repeat letters to get the key consonants. Create a symbol with these consonants.
We create all the sigils you see on this page through an intuitive design process. You can see more about our process here.

What is the difference between choosing from the Sigil Library or creating a custom sigil?

Choose any sigil from the Sigil Library to join in with others as part of a collective spell to call in that particular intention or archetype. Choosing from our Library is ideal for those who wish to participate in group intention setting and embodiment. Each person who wears this sigil amplifies the energy of the sigil. Explore our Sigil Library here.

For an additional fee, we can either create a custom sigil for you or adapt a sigil of your own design. A custom sigil allows you to have a wholly unique talisman. It will be one-of-a-kind, just like you. Purchase a custom sigil design here.

How do I choose my size?

If you do not already know your ring size, you can buy a cheap ring sizing kit online or, most accurately, can go to a nearby jeweler to get your size.

All Sigil Signets are true to size.

Do you offer resizing, refunds, or exchanges?

As all rings are 3D printed and cast, there are no refunds or exchanges. All items are final sale.

Be very careful to provide your correct size. If you accidentally get the wrong size, we can resize your Sigil Signet for you within half a size of the size you purchased. Purchase resizing here.

Unfortunately we cannot resize bands at this time.

What types of metal do you use?

In many traditions, gold is considered the most sacred of all metals and is the metal associated with the Sun. We aim to create pieces that last beyond one lifetime, and 14K gold is more durable than the higher carats.

We can also create pieces for you in platinum, or 18k, 20k, 22k, or 24k rose or white gold. Please email for pricing.

What is your process, and how is it different than other jewelry?

We customize each piece individually on the computer, 3D print it into soft wax, and then cast using the traditional lost wax casting process. Many jewelry companies create designs as a batch, customizing them through too-perfect laser engraving. We love the level of detailed customization we're able to develop through the 3D printing process, with each piece being unique to the sigil it carries. There is an intentional imperfection to our process.

Is your process ethical?

This is a tricky question because under our current capitalist system it's impossible to make gold jewelry in a 100% ethical manner; there will always be some compromise. One can even argue that the short term benefits of illegal goldmining are essential to the people who rely on it for their livelihood. This is a historically opaque industry, with limited traceability and, until recently little incentive to change.

If the main concern is the extraction from the Earth, then recycled metal is the way to go. Often you'll see brands boasting they use SCS Certified recycled metal, but maddeningly this certification includes metal that was unethically mined a week ago, melted into a gold bar, and then remelted to make it "recycled." Other companies offer post-consumer-recycled metal, meaning that the metal is guaranteed to be melted down from old jewelry, dental fillings, car parts, etc. Yet initially, these metals were likely mined in unethical practices. There's also the chance that these metals are from stolen goods. Also, working with post-consumer recycled materials doesn't impact changing the purposefully opaque industry. Do you see how tricky this is?

If the main concern is fair trade, worker rights, and activism toward changing the gold industry, then Fairmined gold is the most aligned path forward. These mines undergo strict evaluation and regulation from the Alliance of Responsibe Mining that ensure worker safety, fair pay, benefits, and in some cases even regulate the ecological impact. There are select licensed manufacturers that work with Fairmined gold, and and often there are order minimums or other barriers to creating specific designs in Fairmined.

Ultimately, there is no ethical consumption under capitalism - especially when it comes to a historically exploited and hoarded natural resource like gold. As a designer - and especially as a consumer - it is incredibly challenging to do due dilligence within a purposefully opaque supply chain.

For us, motivation for entering this space is not simply to create generational talismans but also to help be a leader in working to change the global gold industry. This is why we pursued our Fairmined license, are an active member in Ethical Metalsmiths, and are continually seeking to learn and iterate our manufacturing process to make it as ethical as possible. We acknowledge that it's hard to figure out the best path in this industry, and are continually trying to learn and grow.

Additionally, we are very aware that fine jewelry is inherently classist and exclusive. We offer payment plans to help with purchasing and offer an Art Trade program to make getting a piece accessible for those who have art or a service to offer. it more accessible. With Art Trade, artists and creators can trade their services or wares for a piece of jewelry. You can read more about this here.

Finally, we commit to positively impacting our local communities by planting a tree per order and donating a percentage of profits to mutual aid organizations.

When will my Sigil Signet arrive?

Please allow a production window of up to four weeks for a standard purchase and up to six weeks for a Fairmined purchase. You will receive an email when your order ships.

How do I energetically charge my sigil?

Each time you look at your Sigil Signet or Sigil Band, you charge its sigil; however, we recommend you perform a ritual when you first receive your ring.

How do I care for my ring?

Cleanse with mild soap and water and a soft toothbrush or, for a deeper clean, with an at-home ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. We also offer polishing services here.

Why is my ring getting scratched?

Please be mindful that while you can always wear it, gold is a soft metal and will show scratches the more you wear it.

We see any visible wear as a sign of a well-loved piece and feel that it adds additional energy and charge to the talisman. If you want to minimize scratching on your gold, please be mindful of what activities you do while you wear it, including showering, exploring in nature, or creating with your hands. Know that its level of scratching is up to you and how you choose to wear it.

My ring is looking rough. Can you help?

Yes! Please email us at with a photo of the current state of your Sigil Signet. We can likely reshape and polish it for you for a fee.