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Our Ethos:


By working with strictly solid 14k gold, we create quality pieces that last many lifetimes. We hope each Sigil Signet has a wide-reaching effect across time and family lineages.

We intend you to wear your pieces daily, imbuing them with your power. When you pass your jewelry on, your future ancestors can continue wearing it to blend their energy with yours - for generations, or they can place it on an ancestral altar to call in your energy.


We believe that all life is one, everything a small part of an infinite whole. This belief is central to our intentionality in our choices. From choosing our metals, to creating pieces that span many lifetimes, to the intentions behind the sigils, every detail is painstakingly considered and revised through years of exploration and experimentation.


When we say, "We make our own magic," we don't mean that change happens out of nowhere; what we mean is that we can create the reality we wish to cultivate, with each action, each habit, one choice at a time. By wearing physical reminders of our intentions, we take concrete steps to create the change we crave. Change your energy to change your actions. Change your actions to change your reality.

essinbee protection sigil 14k solid gold oval signet ring


This is a historically opaque industry, with limited traceability and, until recently no incentive to change. Navigating the most ethical pathways within it is a complex challenge.

A guiding motivation for entering this space is not simply to create talismans that last lifetimes, but also to help be a leader in working to change the global gold industry and to educate as we do it. This is why we pursued our Fairmined license and are a member of Ethical Metalsmiths. We commit to continually learning and evolving within this space.

About the Artist:

Shelby Nico Bryant — SNB — (they/them/she/her/we/us/our)

creating precious, timeless objects to inspire personal and communal empowerment in each individual's ability to effect change in our shared reality"

a multidimensional human being; an intuitive Cancer rising with Chiron & Jupiter conjuct on the ascendant line; a grounded Virgo Sun, Moon, & Mars conjunct in the Third House; a 3/5 Generator with Solar Plexus Emotional Authority; a Moon-ruled being of the Sun; here to co-create & collaborate in an energetically generative way for the greatest healing of all Being


The Mysterious, Source, Synchromysticism, Astrology, Astronomy, Psychedelics, World Religions, Native Gardening, Botany, Herbalism, Regenerative Energy, Sobriety, States of Consciousness, Mirrors, Multidimensionality, Chaos Magic, Sigils, Slow Fashion, Circular Economies, Psychology, Growth, Learning, Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation, Mycelium, The Sea, Infinity, Beauty / Sublime, Reading, Documentaries, Storytelling, Evolution, Future Visioning, Love


Lao Tzu, Alejandro Jodorowsky, bell hooks, Angela Davis, Stanislav Grof, Silvia Federici, Siddhartha Gautama, adrienne maree brown, Ram Dass, Octavia Butler, Deepak Chopra, Audre Lorde, Adam Curtis, Eknath Easwaran, Mark Fisher, Stephen Hawking, Cal Newport, Michelle Pellizzon, Ev'Yan Whitney, The Crow Mother, Bruna Maia, Gabi Abrão, Pea the Feary, Alejandra Smits


Bhagavad Gita; All About Love; Psychomagic; Sister Outsider; How Can I Help?; Witches, Witch-Hunting, and Women; Breath; Essentialism; Digital Minimalism; The Artist’s Way; Witches, Midwives, & Nurses; The Alchemist; The Road Less Traveled, The Ramayana; Tao Te Ching; Estranged Labor; Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power; The Last Question; The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action

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