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Always cast in solid 14k+ yellow gold, our pieces are delicate yet durable, and are made to last many lifetimes


Customizable astrology and sigil jewelry allows you to create one-of-one pieces that aid as tools for self-discovery and evolution


Individually designed and crafted in Los Angeles using a both ancient and modern processes by exquisitely talented artisans


From choosing materials, to the purpose of each design, to our sustainability and impact, we are mindful of every single detail

Tell Your Own Story

Tell Your Own Story

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What People are saying

The Courage sigil engraved on my ring is a constant reminder of my own strength and potential. Every time I look at it, I feel a deep connection to something bigger than me, the very soul of my goals and dreams embedded within a beautiful, intentional design. For me it’s not just jewelry; it is tangible symbol of everything I am striving to achieve, and it is with me wherever I am. Wearing this special and meaningful adornment every day makes me feel powerful, as if I can rise with courage, conquer all my fears, and get through anything.

I deeply value aesthetics, and that is why I never take this ring off. The simplicity of the design and shape makes it go with anything I decide to wear... I’m someone who doesn’t change my jewelry because thinking about that is overwhelming so I love having staple pieces that I can just keep on without having to take them off or think about them. Lastly the fact that the sigil has a deeper meaning is the icing on top!

My beloved wife Nicola and I decided to invest in Beloved Bands to celebrate our almost 40 years of marriage together... Our personal chosen sigils were beautifully rendered in a 3D visual file for our approval prior to making and finally polishing these unique and beautiful rings. We’re very thrilled!

The Abundance Sigil Charm has become an essential piece of jewelery I never take off. It's light, elegant, and a constant reminder of the prosperity within myself that I bring out and manifest into the world.

I wanted something inside my wedding band that was really unique. A lot of people engrave: ’til death,’ ‘love you forever,’ or something like that. I wanted something that was special and just for my wife and I — something that not everyone recognizes or would know what it is unless I tell them. That’s part of the mystery and preciousness of the sigils. It’s a reminder for you, not for the people around you.

I'm so happy to finally have my own Beloved Band. It's so special to have my unique sigil on it. I love it so much I've been wearing it as my wedding band.

I ordered the 14k gold Tooth Talisman for my wife as a Mother's Day gift. She is an avid dog lover. I took a picture of a puppy tooth my wife saved and uploaded it to the essinbee website. Within days I received the design to approve for creating the talisman. It was delivered timely and my wife was thrilled. She immediately began wearing it. She has commented several times how wearing the talisman brings her great joy in remembering her loved pets.

What Matters to Us

⁂ ♡ ⊹ ❂ Designed & cast just for you in sunny Los Angeles, California ✷ ✧ ꩜ ࿏