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Sigils are simple symbols representing complex ideas. By wearing sigils, you connect with their intention, purpose, and the power to embody your ideal self.

Sigils are simple symbols representing complex ideas. By wearing sigils, you connect with their intention, purpose, and the power to embody your ideal self.

Sigil Pronunciation

The term 'Sigil' is pronounced as sij-il / sĭjĭl / sĭjəl. The word comes from the Latin "sigillum," meaning "little sign" or "seal".

What are sigils?

Sigils represent specific energies or intentions. Beyond just being signs or symbols, sigils encapsulate a particular purpose or intent.

How are Sigils created?

Write out the intention, cross out vowels and repeat consonants, to get the core letters. Create a sigil using these core letters.

Sigil Embodiment

The resulting abstract symbol is a physical embodiment of the original intention. When you wear and look at your sigil, you embody its energy.

Our Sigil Library

Each sigil is paired with suggested affirmations to help with sigil embodiment.

Every sigil you see here is our original creation. We periodically archive sigils, so be mindful that your favorite sigil may not be available next time. If you're deeply drawn to one, act now.


Call in abundant resources, including but not limited to financial, time, community, ease, self-assurance, etc.

Abundance surrounds me.
I am abundance.
Abundance is my birthright.


Collaborate and co-create with others, with the Muse, with the divine energetic currents flowing through all Life.

I align myself to the frequency of collaboration.

Collaboration naturally comes easily to me.

I call in divine collaboration.


Call in courage, self-assuredness, and confidence to face fear or trepidation.

I embody courage.

Courage is the path toward my highest evolution.

I choose courage over fear.


Embody creativity through specific projects, actions, what to eat, how to dress, how to structure a day, and our environments.

I exist in the frequency of creativity.

Creativity is my divine essence.

I embody creativity in all actions.


Embody our highest or favorite Self — through actively choosing whom we show up as in each moment.

I am embodied.

I choose my most embodied Self.

I am embodied (quality).


To call in a desired quality of energy, like vitality or peace.

I am pure energy.

My energy is (quality).

I have boundless energy.


To flow through Life in alignment with the Self, creativity, presence, etc.

I live in flow.

I choose to flow through Life.

I am a vessel for the flow of life force energy.


To be tied to home, be that a physical place in the world or an energetic place within yourself

Home is inside of me.

I am always home.

Home is waiting for me.


To love and to be loved.

I am Love.

I love myself.

I love all beings.

Love heals all.


Embody the full spectrum of the multidimensional Self.

I am multidimensional.

I embody the full spectrum of my multidimensionality.

I am a multidimensional being, and I can explore whatever interests me.


Channel the Muse.

I call in the Muse.

The Muse is always with me.

I create rituals, so the Muse knows where to find me.


Remember to continually engage with the mystery of Life, which is not a problem to be solved but an experience to enjoy.

I embrace the mystery of Life.

I am grateful for the never-ending mystery of existence.

I exist within the divine mystery.


Go beyond the binary and ground into the full spectrum of Being. Sigil idea by Ev'Yan Whitney.

I am nonbinary.

Misgendering by others does not affect my nonbinary Truth.

I embody the full spectrum of nonbinary existence.


Exist in the eternal now.

The time is now.

All we have is now.

Now is our time to …


Be present.

I am present, here and now.

My presence is a present to myself and others.

I choose to be present in each moment.


Call in protection through Life — spiritually, socially, physically — out in the world, on the Internet, in the home.

I am surrounded by protection energy.

The universe offers me safety and protection.

Protection envelops me.


Receive freely all the gifts that Life has to offer.

I allow myself to receive freely.

I receive the abundance of Life freely.

I am worthy to receive freely.


Self-reflect and learn, or be a mirror for others and Life itself.

I self-reflect and learn from past experiences.

I reflect the energy within.

I choose to reflect.


Relax back into Life, surrendering the illusion of control.

I relax and let Life unfold freely.

Relax and trust.

I let go and relax.


Serve our communities, the planet, the universe, and the power of Love.

I am in service to those around me.

I embody service to others.

Through divine service, I embody Love.


Call in Source energy, the energy of all creation.

I am embodied Source energy.

Source energy flows through me.

I am always connected to Source.


Generate stability within Life -- within the home, career, relationships, and the Self.

I create stability in my Life.

Stability is my foundation.

I know how to create stability.


Synthesize all of the parts of oneself into one cohesive whole. Synthesize sounds or chemicals into a new creation.

I synthesize all of the lessons I’ve learned.

I synthesize new creations.

I synthesize all parts of myself into one.


Go beyond the illusion of separateness to exist in union with the whole. Be in union with another human being.

I am in union with all that is.

We are all in union together.

I am in union with (person).

All of our sigils in the library are designed by our founder, SNB. Press play to learn more about their design process.

All of our sigils in the library are designed by our founder, SNB. Press play to learn more about their design process.

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