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Our bespoke jewelry is more than an accessory; it's a personal talisman, meticulously crafted to resonate with your unique spirit. Let us co-create a piece that embodies your individual journey, weaving your story into a wearable work of art.


Get Inspired by Our Bespoke Stories

Binding Charms for Lily & Avery

These best friends got these charms to celebrate their friendship of 17 years, and to bind to each other for the rest of their lives.

Lily: "This is going to be a very, very special part of my most prized possessions that has such a profound meaning to it and represents a really deep, unique bond."

Avery: "There's something really beautiful about just getting to wear a little piece of my best friend on me when she's not around."

Lily: "It's like a secret handshake in a piece of jewelry. A pinky promise."

Avery: "A fairy spell."


Tooth Talisman for Sael & Luisa

Sael's love for her pups knows no bounds, so when it was time to create a special talisman, she chose the Tooth Talisman. This piece is not just a beautiful piece of jewelry; it's a memory, a connection, a symbol that she plans to keep close to her heart.

"I decided that this would be the ultimate homage to our bond.... And I love how detailed the pendant is. I can see that the little jagged parts at the top exactly match the tooth... It's so heartwarming to have a representation of Lui with me at all times." - Sael

Sael chose to make her talisman in Fairmined gold, as a commitment to values, to the planet, and to the communities that mine this precious material.


Beloved Bands for Phil & Taylor

When Taylor and Phil approached us to design Phil's wedding band, they were clear about one thing – they wanted it to be special.

"I wanted something inside my band that was really unique. A lot of people engrave: ’til death,’ ‘love you forever,’ or something like that. I wanted something that was special and just for my wife and I — something that not everyone recognizes or would know what it is unless I tell them. That’s part of the mystery and preciousness of the sigils. It’s a reminder for you, not for the people around you.” - Phil

They loved Phil's bespoke platinum band so much that for their next anniversary, Phil got Taylor her own version in 14k gold.


Bespoke Sigil Signet for Daniel: Just Be a Rock

When Writer & Director, Daniel Scheinert, asked us to come up with a custom Sigil Signet for him, we explored several nods to his multi-Oscar-winning movie, Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Ultimately, we decided to go with "just be a rock" as both a representation of the film and also an intention to help Daniel stay grounded and calm during the long and surreal awards season ahead, where his film became the most awareded film of all time.

"I love my ring. It's so thoughtful." - Daniel