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Beloved Band

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Beloved Band

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Celebrate your love with a Beloved Band, featuring a bespoke sigil to represent the intention for your lifelong partnership. Each time you look at your band, you remember to embody your vows. Purchase two to create matching bands.

Your Bespoke Sigil:

We will work together at every step of the way to ensure that your Beloved Band is perfect.

Once you decide on what you want the sigil to represent, we will create a beautiful custom sigil for your specific intention.

You will have two reviews before your Beloved Band goes into production. First: for the sigil itself which will be sent as a PDF. Second: on the actual ring design, which will be sent as a 3D file you can view on your computer at home.

Please put your sigil and design notes in your note at checkout. You can also contact us with any questions.

Your sigil can fully wrap-around on the outside or can be about half the length of the inside.


By purchasing this piece, you are investing in your relationship with your Beloved and your vows to each other.

Each piece is individually cast using artisanal practices, and is made specifically for you.

The cost of each piece is determined by the weight in gold and the price of labor.

Each piece includes design labor, casting labor, trimming labor, and polishing labor.

The Beloved Band is one of our most high-touch items when it comes to the design process, and you will be involved every step of the way.

We offer installment payments via ShopPay, including one interest free option, to make our work more accessible.

The price will remain the same throughout the year as we do not hold any sales.


⊹ Don't see your size? Just put your size in the note at checkout.

⊹ Material: Solid 14k Gold

⊹ Height: 4mm

⊹ Thickness: 2mm

⊹ Weight: 3-6g, depending on size


⊹ In many traditions, gold is considered the most sacred of all metals and is the metal associated with the Sun.

⊹ By working with strictly solid 14k gold, we create quality pieces that last many lifetimes. We hope each Sigil Signet has a wide-reaching effect across time and family lineages. Choose to make your ring in Fairmined gold here.

⊹ Bright and durable as the sun, 14k yellow gold is our studio metal of choice. We can also create pieces for you in platinum, or 18k, 20k, 22k, or 24k rose or white gold. Contact us for this option.


⊹ Solid gold will never stain your skin and is unlikely to tarnish, though it is a soft metal and will scratch with wear. To us, scratches show the history of a well-loved piece, but if you want to preserve your piece be mindful of when and where you wear it.

⊹ Cleanse with mild soap and water and a soft toothbrush or, for a deeper clean, with an at-home ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

⊹ If you want your ring polished to look again like new, you can purchase our polishing service here.


⊹ As each piece is made custom for you, please allow up to a week for sigil design and three weeks for your ring to be made. You will be notified when your ring ships.

⊹ Choose your shipping speed and signature requirement at checkout.

⊹ Shipping insurance is included. If you have any issues with shipping you will need to contact the shipping provider directly.

⊹ Please read Our Process & Terms of Service for more information.


Jem & Nicola, UK

My beloved wife Nicola and I decided to invest in Beloved Bands to celebrate our almost 40 years of marriage together... We’re very thrilled!

Taylor, LA

I'm so happy to finally have my own Beloved Band. It's so special to have my unique sigil on it. I love it so much I've been wearing it as my wedding band.