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Meet Shelby Nico Bryant aka SNB

Shelby Nico Bryant is a leading designer of astrological and sigil jewelry, and an artist and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles, California.

Their work with essinbee combines lessons learned in their many years of producing fashion and lifestyle content, practicing metalsmithing and lost wax casting, and transforming through reconnecting with spirituality and mindfulness, and ancient wisdom.

Their producing and directing work includes video and photo stories for publications including Vogue, i-D, GARAGE, Teen Vogue, Allure, & Glamour, with brands including Telfar, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Versace, and Nike.

They started metalsmithing classes in Brooklyn in 2013 and instantly fell in love with the ancient art of lost wax casting. They then taught themselves 3D modeling in Rhino and learned to combine cutting-edge technology and ancient practices to create a new type of wearable talisman.

In 2018, they experienced a massive change in awareness around their well-being and life path and made seismic shifts in prioritizing their own healing; they moved from NYC to LA, got sober, became a Reiki-attuned certified breathwork practitioner, and dove deep into studying sigils, astrology, and esoteric teachings. This is when the idea sparked to combine all of their previous lessons, and essinbee was born.

"My years of study and practice of sigil-making, astrology, luxury fashion, and metalsmithing allow me to blend deep, intimate knowledge of esoteric symbolism and meaning with the miniature canvas of gold.

Over the years I've created pieces for myself to address specific growth edges that I was facing at each time. Through the years of wearing each piece I've been able to track my transformation. These gold talismans are essential to my continued growth and evolution." — SNB

SNB's Personal Collection

Synthesize Sigil Signet

"At a time when I was experiencing self-doubt, this sigil helped me to remember to synthesize all of the disparate parts of myself and lessons I've learned into one unified whole. Wearing this sigil helps me to embody unwavering confidence in my visions and capabilities."

Tooth Talisman

"My biggest obstacle in starting essinbee was my extreme fear of being seen. This protective talisman, created to the exact size and specifications of my dog Murphy's baby K9 tooth, further enhances the Protection Sigil that I wear. It also helps me to always feel connected to and protected by my boy."

Self Love Band

"I made this for myself when I was facing some serious negative self-talk, a lack of self-acceptance, and a lack of self-care. I wear this band underneath my Beloved Band, to remind me that self-love is the foundation of all love, and can now genuinely say that I love myself fully and prioritize supportive rituals of self-love."

Beloved Band

"For our ten year anniversary, Daniel and I created a shared vow for the rest of our lives together. I translated this vow into a bespoke sigil for us and we each wear matching bands, to always be reminded of our promises to each other. We are coming up on twelve years together, and continue to work as a team to celebrate our vows."

Mysteries of Life Signet

"When I made this ring, I was in a pattern of trying to control everything around me. This ring reminds me to be present, self-reflect, and embrace the mysteries of life and divine timing. I am now more willing to surrender to the flow and timing of life."

Bespoke Sigil Signet

"This bespoke design has sigils representing all three of my animals' names. I made it at a time when I was about to travel for a long time, and was worried about being apart from them. Wearing this ring every day helps me to always feel connected to my furry friends, even when we're not together."

Entire Natal Chart Band

"Learning about my natal chart has helped me to tap into the full expression of myself. It's incredible to tune into all of the archetypes that are present in my personality, and to be able to embody them in a way that feels wholly authentic, grounded, and expansive. Wearing this ring helps me to celebrate and embody my innate gifts."

Pallas Athena Charm

"A couple of years into studying astrology, I learned about the asteroid goddesses and the often-unknown feminine astrological archetypes. Suddenly, I unlocked parts of myself that laid dormant, including this warrior archetype in my house of career. Wearing this charm reminds me to be bold and courageous in business."

"What makes fine jewelry so precious to me is the fact that we wear it every single day and it becomes a part of us. Much of my personal collection I never take off, allowing me to connect with the lessons of each talisman at every moment."

"What makes fine jewelry so precious to me is the fact that we wear it every single day and it becomes a part of us. Much of my personal collection I never take off, allowing me to connect with the lessons of each talisman at every moment."