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Art Trade:

How can we make space for interacting with each other’s work and supporting each other outside of capitalism?

We return to bartering through a comparable exchange of goods and services, and publicly champion each other's work.

Art Trade is an opportunity for those who feel abundant in time or talent but who may not feel well-resourced financially.

See below for the offerings that are considered for trade. Please ensure that your offering is comparable to your desired piece.

Art Trade

To be considered for Art Trade, please submit the following information in the form to the right. Please be sure to include:

  • Which piece do you have your eye on? Please be sure to include size, material, and sigil type.
  • What are you offering? Please include relevant links.
  • What is the timeline on which your offering is available?
  • Do you have any fun ideas on how we can boost each other’s work on socials (IG, TikTok, Pinterest)? Or subscriptions (Email List, Substack, Patreon)? Please include links to your relevant social channels.
  • Is there anything else we should know about you or your offering?


We will be in touch if we accept your Art Trade offer. Please note that, due to limited resources, we are currently accepting very few Art Trade applications. When resources become more abundant in the future, we may reconsider your trade. Please feel free to reach back out if your offer shifts. Thank you for your interest and for your time.