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D'LEAU Moment Sigil Signet

D'LEAU Moment Sigil Signet
D'LEAU Moment Sigil Signet
D'LEAU Moment Sigil Signet
D'LEAU Moment Sigil Signet
D'LEAU Moment Sigil Signet
D'LEAU Moment Sigil Signet

D'LEAU Moment Sigil Signet

This is a limited edition collaboration with artist and musician, D'LEAU. The Moment Sigil reminds us to focus on the many moments of a life that is itself a moment. When you buy the Moment Sigil Signet, you will receive an accompanying download of a sonic, somatic experience which you can use to activate your Sigil Signet and tune into the present moment.

Each ring is individually designed in 3D modeling software, 3D printed into soft wax, and cast using the ancient lost wax casting technique into solid 14k yellow gold. 

Please read Our Process & Terms of Service for more information.

You can see a 3D model for all three shapes at the bottom of the images list.


Why did you create this sigil?
We created this piece as both a memento mori and also a reminder to appreciate all of the moments of our lives. We hope that this sigil acts as an anchor to remind you to live in the moment.

How did you create this sigil?
We designed this sigil by writing the word "moment," crossing out the vowels and repeating consonants. The symbol is created by incorporating the remaining key consonants of "mnt."

How will I receive the Moment Meditation?
You will receive a QR code in your package that links to the meditation download. This ten-minute exercise will help you to activate your Moment Sigil Signet once you receive it in person. You can save the Moment Meditation to your phone to experience it every time you want to come back to the present moment.

What material do you use?
All rings are cast in solid 14k yellow gold. 

Where is it made?
The Moment Sigil Signet is designed and cast in Los Angeles.

How do I know my ring size?
The best way to size your finger is with a ring sizer tool. You can get one cheaply online or can stop into any jewelry store to get sized for free. When in doubt, size up.

Do you offer refunds, exchanges, or resizing?
As each Moment Sigil Signet will be made individually for you, we do not offer refunds, exchanges, or resizing.

When will my Moment Sigil Signet arrive?
Please allow roughly six weeks for design, manufacturing, and shipping.

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