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Just Be a Rock: A Sigil for the Writer & Director of Everything Everywhere All At Once

When Daniel gave us free rein to come up with a custom Sigil Signet for him, we explored several nods to his multi-Oscar-winning movie including the title itself, the everything bagel, and the gut-wrenching line about laundry & taxes. 

After seeing the film for the first time at the LA premiere, one line in the film deeply resonated with us: "Just be a rock." This phrase and scene encapsulates the message of grounding, presence, and the absurdity of the condition of life itself, even life as a rock. 

The "just be a rock" scene from EEAAO


Ultimately, we decided to go with "just be a rock" as both a representation of the film and also an intention to help Daniel stay grounded and calm during the long and surreal awards season ahead.

just be a rock sigil signet daniel scheinert

"I love my ring. It's so thoughtful."
Daniel Scheinert

Crafting the 'Just Be a Rock' Sigil Signet

The creation of the Sigil Signet is a harmonious blend of artistic expression and intricate craftsmanship. This one-of-a-kind ring is designed and handcrafted with the embossed sigil on a beautifully polished gold signet ring. Its design embodies the essence of the sigil, signifying the power of grounding in the face of challenges and chaos.

just be a rock sigil and sigil signet


As always in the design process, we crossed out the vowels and repeat consonants to come up with the core letters of the intention. The sigil is designed with these core letters, "jst b rck". Often our shapes encapsulate multiple letters on the same line, so that we can keep the sigil as clean and minimal as possible.  For this design, we chose to make the central component of the sigil a large circle, so that it mimics the shape of the rocks in the film.

The Journey of the Sigil Signet through Awards Season

On the excessively rainy morning of the Golden Globes, Daniel stopped by our house to pick up his custom Sigil Signet. The Sigil Signet was with Daniel at all of the awards shows and was with him when his film officially became the most-awarded film of all time.

On Oscar's night, he paired his ring with a tux from an unclaimed baggage store in Alabama -- a sustainable, grounded, and very Daniel move. Their film won seven Oscars that night, including Best Picture and Best Director. Throughout the awards season, the ring was his constant companion, shining brightly and reminding Daniel to just be a rock.


Whether it's a powerful message from a critically acclaimed film or a personal mantra, we transform these profound meanings into a tangible piece of jewelry. Embrace the power of sigils and personalize your own Sigil Signet.

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