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From a Bespoke Memento Mori to a Limited Edition Sigil Signet: D'LEAU Embraces the Moment

When we first started creating bespoke pieces, D'LEAU was one of our first commissions. He requested a bespoke skull pendant to function as a memento mori. Emblazoned on the back is the profound phrase, "momentary materials," encapsulating the ephemeral yet infinite essence of life.

d'leau x essinbee bespoke skull memento mori with momentary materials inscription

Months later, after many hours of hangs and ideation, we decided to collaborate on a bespoke limited edition Sigil Signet. We wanted to create a custom sigil that would also serve as a memento mori, an homage to D'LEAU's original request -- and thus the Moment Sigil Signet was born. 

Sigils: Symbols with a Statement

Harnessing the power of sigils, we have transformed D'LEAU's creative vision into a tangible artifact. For the uninitiated, sigils are symbolic representations of one's intentions. In our collaboration, the sigil is a potent reminder to seize the moment, encouraging wearers to embody a spirit of mindfulness and present awareness. 


essinbee x d'leau moment sigil signet

To make the sigil, we cross out the vowels and repeat consonants to come up with the core letters of the intention. The sigil is designed with these core letters, "mnt". The shape is then intuitively designed to encapsulate all of the letters in a clean form. 

A Symphonic Sensory Experience

To accentuate the impact of the Moment Sigil Signet, we created a ten-minute Moment Meditation, a sonic guide to charge the Moment Sigil. With guided prompts, the meditation leads you through a detailed body scan, and a sensory exploration, bringing you into your body and into the present moment.

In an industry first, D'LEAU has lent his musical prowess to this project, crafting an all-encompassing audio soundscape that complements the meditation, amalgamating the journey into a synesthetic experience. Download the Moment Meditation here.

We also created a Momentary Music playlist to get you out of your head and into the present moment. Listen and follow below.

From Momentary Materials to Timeless Treasures

Through this collaboration, we challenge the conventional perception of jewelry. Not just adornment -- our creations serve as prompts for self-awareness, bridges to connect with the world, and vessels to carry meaning and purpose.


moment sigil signet d'leau

Embrace the moment with us, and let our Moment Sigil Signet serve as your guide on this journey through life, reminding you to be present with each and every moment.

Stay tuned for more limited edition collaborations. For the moment, you can create your own custom sigil adornment to bring you into whatever moment you desire.

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