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The Sigil: More than an Emblem

When Taylor and Phil approached us to design Phil's wedding band, they were clear about one thing – they wanted it to be special. Taylor took elements from both their moms’ wedding bands to make her own band and wanted something just as special for Phil, adding, “It was really exciting once we recognized that there was an opportunity for him to have that.” 

Phil & Taylor


Phil continues, “I wanted something inside my band that was really unique. A lot of people engrave: ’til death,’ ‘love you forever,’ or something like that. I wanted something that was special and just for my wife and I — something that not everyone recognizes or would know what it is unless I tell them. That’s part of the mystery and preciousness of the sigils. It’s a reminder for you, not for the people around you.”

A close-up of Phil's Bespoke Band



Unveiling the Sigil Magic: A Lifetime of Love, Loyalty, Teamwork, and Sushi


For Phil and Taylor, the sigil is more than an emblem. It was a reflection of their relationship's key elements – love, loyalty, teamwork, and a shared love for sushi. As Taylor recalls, her first encounter with our sigils presented a refreshing perspective: "Your sigils felt a little bit more special -- clean, smooth, and perfect. I dove into the knowledge of sigils and understood the true meaning of them in depth."

"That’s part of the mystery and preciousness of the sigils. It’s a reminder for you, not for the people around you."

When choosing their sigil, Taylor and Phil sought to encapsulate their relationship's essence. Their wedding band would carry the weight of their love and symbolize a bond refined over the years, echoing promises of "love," "loyalty," and "teamwork." Taylor shared, "Teamwork is a big part of our relationship. We've both had ups and downs. We often need to support each other, and we're very vocal about that."


Phil & Taylor at their wedding in Malibu


Not one to neglect the lighter side of life, the couple chose to add "sushi" into their symbolic mix. It's both a cherished memory from their earliest dates and a quirky yet authentic representation of their relationship. "It's like a little bit of a funny thing, something that defines us that we can always relate to and laugh a little bit that it's on his ring," Taylor adds.


Phil & Taylor at their wedding


To create their sigil, we take their intention cross out the vowels and repeat consonants to reveal the core letters of their vow. "A lifetime of love, loyalty, teamwork, and sushi" gets condensed into LFTMVYWRKSH. We craft the sigil design with these core letters, and usually our sigils include multiple letters on the same line to keep the final design as minimal as possible.

Bespoke sigil for, "a lifetime of love, loyalty, teamwork, & sushi"

a lifetime of love, loyalty, teamwork, and sushi


Once completed with the sigil design, we digitally engrave the shape into the ring design, to be 3D printed into soft wax and cast into platinum. Phil adds, "I chose to go with a platinum band because I wanted the weight and I wanted a silvery, lighter-looking band on my finger."

The 3D design of Phil's Beloved Band

The Impact of the Sigil Band: Love, Loyalty, Teamwork, and Sushi


When asked what the bespoke wedding band and the sigil inside mean to him, Phil shares, "It means a lot to me, like a ridiculous amount. I wear it every day on my finger. It's a constant reminder of the foundation of my relationship with my wife, a lifetime of love, loyalty, teamwork, and sushi." This unique sigil has become more than just an inscription in their ring; it has seeped into their daily lives, reminding them of their vows and the values they stand by.

True to this, Taylor sought to bring this sigil out of the inside of the band and into their home with a special wedding gift for Phil, revealing, "I wanted to see the sigil often. We got a little print, and it sits next to Phil's computer, right at the entrance of our home. So, I see it every day, Phil sees it every day, and it’s a nice reminder of our vows.” 


Phil & Taylor's custom sigil as a print in their home


Make Your Own Sigil Magic


“The process of working with Shelby is so seamless and easy,” Phill adds. “She worked with us on a few different designs and we came up with something that we all loved — something that I was really excited to wear -- and something that Shelby was really proud to make.”

With their Bespoke Band, Phil and Taylor found the magic of shared creativity. Phil loved the entire process and was delighted with the final product. "I never take it off unless I am literally taking it off to look inside it so I can see my sigil," he said. He continues, “The sigil engraved inside the band has become a source of inspiration for the both of us and we absolutely love Shelby’s design. Every inch of it is crafted with intention. The sigil is a reminder, it's a symbol. It's something that I hope to always live by in our relationship."


Phil & Taylor


"The sigil is a reminder, it's a symbol. It's something that I hope to always live by in our relationship."

Our journey with Phil and Taylor emphasizes the power of custom-made, meaningful talismans. It illustrates how a simple piece, like a bespoke wedding band, can transcend the physical realm and become a token of shared experiences, love, and cherished memories. We encourage you to find your voice and create your own symbols.

Create Your Own Bespoke Band