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The New Moon phase, in general, is an opportune time for initiating new projects, setting intentions, and embracing change. When this moon phase happens under the Virgo zodiac, it becomes a time of practicality, wisdom, and transformative energy.


The Significance of the Virgo New Moon 

The Virgo Energy

Virgo, an Earth sign ruled by Mercury, is synonymous with meticulous detail, grounding wisdom, and nurturing support. Imagine it as the ancient sage of a magical forest—both grounding and guiding, yet mystical in its knowledge. Virgo rules the sixth house, the house of health and service. Virgo is aligned with purification of the body, mind, and soul in pursuit of being of the highest service to others.


Time to Make Your Own Magic

The New Moon in Virgo urges you to ground your dreams in reality. It asks you to apply the logic and intelligence that Virgo is known for to your most mystical and otherworldly desires. This is the period to set realistic yet ambitious goals, ones that have both substance and sparkle.


A Focus on Wellness & Service

As mentioned above, the Virgo zodiac is also linked with health and wellness. Utilize this New Moon to focus on your well-being, perhaps by initiating nutrition guidelines, setting exercise goals, or even taking on a new wellness regimen. How else can you best look after your body, mind, and soul so that you can be of the utmost service to those around you? Perhaps it's incorporating a daily journal practice, grounding with weekly yin yoga, or incorporating a breath work practice into your routine. By serving your own needs, you build the foundation for serving others. Working with the Service sigil in your rituals can help you to tap into this energy.

essinbee service sigil

The Service Sigil, available on a Charm or Signet

Rituals to Welcome the Virgo New Moon

Intention Setting Ceremony

  1. Create a Sacred Space: Begin by cleansing your space with smoke, salt, or selenite.

  2. Materials: Have all-natural paper, writing utensil, and a patch of dirt outside, or a small bowl of soil at the ready. 

  3. Write Your Intentions: On the paper, write down what you wish to bring into reality, focusing on practical and achievable goals.

  4. Earth Element: Fold your paper and place it in the bowl of soil as a symbolic gesture of planting your intentions in the Earth for them to grow. Even better if you can write your intention on seed paper and plant it outside.

    essinbee virgo new moon intention setting ceremony

    Virgo Moon Purification & Grounding Bath

    1. Ingredients: Salt for purification. Sage, lavender, and rosemary fresh herbs or essential oils. Crystals like Jasper and Moss Agate are excellent for grounding and are strongly linked with Virgo energy.
    2. Preparation: Prepare a warm bath and add your mix of herbs.

    3. Ritual: Soak in the bath while focusing on cleansing any negativity and making room for new, positive energies.

    essinbee virgo new moon ritual bath

    A foot bath is a grounding ritual if you don't have access to a bath tub for a full soak

    Herbal Tea Ceremony

    1. Preparation: Begin by boiling water and setting your sacred space, perhaps adorning your tea area with crystals and plants to align with Virgo's Earth element. Choose your herbs, or tisanes, to infuse into your brew. Rosemary, lavender, and sage are all lovely options. Choose if you wish to add green or white tea as well for an energy boost.

    2. Mindful Brewing: As the water boils, take a few moments to ground yourself. Feel the Earth beneath you, absorbing its grounding energy.

    3. Pour and Steep: Pour the hot water into the teapot containing your chosen herbal blend. Fresh lavender is calming and jiaogulan will help with inflammation and vitality. As the tea steeps, close your eyes and envision your intentions seeping into the liquid, empowering it with your dreams and aspirations.

    4. Sip and Meditate: Once your tea is ready, pour it into your teacup. Take slow sips, allowing the herbal essence to cleanse and renew your spirit. Use this quiet time to meditate on your intentions set during the New Moon.

      essinbee virgo new moon tea ceremony
      Lavender, a lovely subtle and gentle fresh herb for herbal tea

      Community Circle

      One of the most powerful things you can do during the New Moon in Virgo is to share your intentions with a trusted community. It not only creates a sense of accountability but also magnifies the collective energy directed toward achieving these goals.

      The Virgo New Moon empowers you to manifest your dreams in the most practical and holistic way. Whether you’re setting intentions, soaking in an herbal bath, or engaging in a communal ritual, remember that the magic you seek is already within you. You are the co-creator of your reality, and in this Virgo New Moon, the sky is not the limit; it’s just the beginning.

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