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Sael, Kyle, and Their Dogs: A Bond Beyond Words

In the quiet sanctuary of North East LA, Sael, a talented fashion designer and founder of leisurewear company, House of Hiatus, has created a peaceful and beautiful life with her partner Kyle, a musician and member of the band Father John Misty, and two pups, Buckley and Luisa aka Lui. Nestled on their half-acre property complete with a geodesic dome, Sael lives a life marked by love for her family, friends, her home, and all of her many, thriving plants she cares for on her land.  

Sael & Lui, bff

Sael & Lui  

Sael shares how she and Kyle found Lui and how she fit right in with their family: "Kyle, and I found her on Instagram. She's a little Instagram baby. And we picked her up in Mid-City from a little foundation that helps provide homes for pooches. And she was just perfect, and was very much in love with our old puppy, Buckley, who's 16; their connection is so sweet." Daily walks, hikes, and puppy play dates are a cornerstone to Sael's routine, as her new puppy, Lui, loves lots of activity. Buckley gets to come along in his wagon, so he can sniff and spend time with his new little sister.

Buckley and Luisa ; Sael and Kyle

Buckley and Lui ; Sael and Kyle

Crafting Luisa's Tooth into a Bespoke Talisman

Sael's love for her pets knows no bounds, so when it was time to create a special talisman, it had to be the most beautiful specimen of Luisa's teeth. This Tooth Talisman is not just a beautiful piece of jewelry; it's a memory, a connection, a symbol that she plans to keep close to her heart.

Sael explains, "I already had a few talismans for my other two puppies. And I wanted something a little different for my third little baby Luisa. And I thought maybe a shape would be something more interesting. And so I decided that this would be the ultimate homage to our bond."

Sael's Tooth Talisman layerd with her "BuckNino" necklace

Sael wearing all her pup talismans together: the Tooth Talisman layered with her "BuckNino" necklace, which combines two of her pups' names into one

Fairmined Gold: An Ethical Choice for a Cherished Creation

Choosing to make her Tooth Talisman in 14k Fairmined gold wasn't just a design decision; it was an ethical one. Sael deeply cares about sustainability and the environment, and, therefore, opted to cast her piece in Fairmined gold. Choosing Fairmined gold is an environmentally conscious choice that ensures responsible mining and fair wages for miners.

Fairmined gold symbolizes more than luxury; it represents a commitment to values, to the planet, and to the communities that mine this precious material. By paying extra to invest in this more ethical gold, Sael emphasizes her dedication to conscious choices and sustainable practices in crafting her forever piece.

14k Fairmined gold Tooth Talisman
Sael's Tooth Talisman features the Fairmined hallmarking, which can only be added to pieces that are comprised of Fairmined gold

The Talisman's Journey: From Tooth to Treasure

The creation of the Tooth Talisman is more than a process; it's a journey. Sael shares, "When Lui started losing her teeth, I found maybe five or six of them and kind of decided on the most beautiful one." 

Sael lent us Luisa's physical tooth so that we could craft the design. To do that, we measure the tooth with calipers to get the exact dimensions in mm. Then we bring a photo of it into Rhino to create a 3D outline of the tooth exactly to spec. Finally the shape is removed from the shape of the talisman pendant, and we're left with a detailed outline of the tooth.

3D render of Tooth Talisman

3D render of Lui's Tooth Talisman

Tooth Talisman Process: Luisa's tooth, the 3D printed wax, and the final 14K Fairmined Gold Talisman

Tooth Talisman in Process: Luisa's tooth, the 3D-printed blue wax, and the final 14K Fairmined Gold talisman

Ever since Sael got her pendant, she hasn't taken it off: "I mostly wear it around my neck on a chain, but I think it's kind of fun to be able to accessorize with it in different ways. Maybe as part of a bracelet in the future or wear it on earrings, and it's just gonna always be on me, which is very sweet."

She continues, "I love how detailed the pendant is. I can see that the little jagged parts at the top exactly match the tooth that I lent to you. It's so heartwarming to have a representation of Lui with me at all times."

Sael & her Tooth Talisman in Tahiti for her 40th birthday

Sael celebrating her 40th birthday in Tahiti, while wearing Lui's Tooth Talisman

Conclusion: Humans and Dogs, Bonded Forever

Sael's Tooth Talisman is a testament to the bond between a dog and her human. By wearing the talisman daily, Sael and Lui are always connected, and they are each protected by each other's love. Sael's Fairmined Tooth Talisman is a beautiful expression of love, crafted with ethical choices and creative inspiration. Lui's Tooth Talisman will outlast them both, always keeping the bond of their love alive throughout time.

Sael and Lui, bff
Sael & Lui, BFFs 

Discover solid gold custom charms, signets, bands and other fine jewelry that echoes your own most-cherished bonds. Dig out one of your dog's puppy teeth and share it with us to create your own special talisman.

Create Your Own Tooth Talisman