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The Eternal Bond of Friendship Immortalized in 14K Gold

Friendships are the lifeblood of human connection, the invisible threads that connect us through time, space, and heart.

Meet Lily and Avery, the best friends whose lives and love have inspired the BFF Binding Charms. These custom-made, 14k gold pendants weave the mystical art of sigil magic and best friend promises into modern-day jewelry, creating not just accessories, but talismans of profound, enduring relationships. Each bestie wears a charm with a custom sigil representing the other’s name, binding their lives to each other in a golden circle of love and trust.

Lily & Avery

A Journey Through Time: 17 Years and Counting

Lily and Avery met during those awkward middle school years, instantly connecting in a class full of outspoken personalities. They describe the initial stages of their friendship as “two of the Shire people in a class of outspoken, confident, loud people.” Despite going to different high schools, they remained best friends.

Avery: "We were both really shy. I would say we were like two of the Shire people in a class and then absolutely latched on to each other and just formed this really special bond."

Lily: "It's definitely been a friendship of a lot of comfort and security... Avery always stuck by my side and was always a solid friend to me, always had my back."

Through college, early careers, heartbreaks, and triumphs, their friendship has stood the test of time.

Avery: "With every year that's gone by, Lily and I have just intertwined more and more to form this really unbreakable bond."

Lily: "You never have to worry about breaking up with a best friend, like you do with some romantic partners... And when you really truly know their soul... that's so special. And Avery was that person for me."


Best Friends: Life’s True Soulmates

For many, the notion of a "soulmate" is often limited to romantic relationships. But Lily and Avery's friendship redefines this concept, illuminating that your true soulmate might just be the friend who has seen you at your worst and still thinks you're the best.

Avery: "I feel like a soulmate, according to society's standards, is a romantic partner. But Lily is more of a soulmate than most anyone that I will ever encounter in my life. That is what my best friend is."

Lily: "That's the epitome of love, honestly, for me."


Lily & Avery, bffs

The True Meaning Behind Our Bespoke Binding Charms

Beyond their simplicity and elegance, these charms resonate deeply with both friends, offering a tactile connection to one another.

Lily: "This is going to be a very, very special part of my most prized possessions that has such a profound meaning to it and represents a really deep, unique bond."

Avery: "It feels like I've come all this way, and Lily and I've come all this way, and we can have this thing that we share with each other... There's something really beautiful about just getting to wear a little piece of my best friend on me when she's not around."

Lily: "It's like a secret handshake in a piece of jewelry. A pinky promise."

Avery: "A fairy spell."


The Symbolism Behind BFF Necklaces

Each Binding Charm is not merely a BFF necklace; it's an emblem of shared history, of lives melding into a shared vision, like the gold itself being melted into the charm. "It's like what Lily is saying, it's someone that has your story to tell for you too," Avery affirms. Lily seconds this, "Having someone who's known me for that long and can tell my story for me is super important."


Lily & Avery Binding Charm Sigils
Lily sigil on the left & Avery sigil on the right

Looking to the Future: Best Friend Promises Beyond Time

With their late 20s unfolding before them, Lily and Avery see their friendship extending into the myriad stages of life yet to come.

Lily: "I look forward to the day I see her get married, have children, and I have zero doubt that we'll be in each other's lives forever."

Avery: "And if I have kids and Lily has kids, they will be best friends. That is something I'm sure I want to happen... I feel a bond with Lily that I really don't have with anybody else. And that will, it has and it will last forever. And I and I don't see this friendship going anywhere other than to the next stages of our lives and the ones after, and I've no doubt that she will be there any step of the way."


Lily and Avery look out at the Pacific together

Make a Best Friend Promise that Lasts a Lifetime

Our Binding Charms are more than jewelry; they are tokens of lifelong commitment and love. Choose to bind your soul with a friend who embodies the essence of love, support, and endless joy. Embrace the sigil magic and let it be a spellbinding tapestry that empowers you and your soulmate friend to co-create a world of limitless possibilities.

Here’s to friendships that stand the test of time and to charms that encapsulate those timeless bonds. After all, every tale of friendship is a captivating harmony of wisdom, magic, and community,  because a best friend promise, bound by gold and love, is a story that deserves to be told—and worn—forever.

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