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Now that you know the basics of sigils and how to create your own, you can easily incorporate their energy into your daily routine.

Once you know your intentions for the day ahead, you can create a corresponding sigil or choose one from our sigil library if you'd like. Use any of the below methods to call in that sigil's energy for the day. These simple rituals help you to energetically align to your sigil's power.

1. Draw a sigil with soap on your body as you take a shower for the day, and as you cleanse yourself, visualize embodying that energy.

2. While you cleanse or do your makeup each morning, draw sigils with a clay mask or concealer on your face before covering or blending.

3. Incorporate your sigil into your breakfast routine by outlining it with blueberries in your yogurt, smearing it with peanut butter on your toast, or by carving it into your banana.

4. Outline your day's sigil in your coffee, tea or cacao with sugar, honey, or cinnamon.

5. Visualize a sigil in your mind's eye while you meditate each morning.

6. Sketch sigils in your journal during your morning pages journaling sessions.

7. Draw a protection sigil on your phone each morning before opening yourself up to your phone's energy for the day.

8. Pour your morning's Earth offering of tea, coffee, etc., into the dirt in the shape of a sigil.

9. To bless yourself before leaving the house for the day, trace sigils on your skin with your finger.

10. Trace sigils on your animal friend with your fingers as you cuddle them each morning.

11. Draw sigils on your pillow with your finger before you go to bed at night to close out your day and prepare yourself to enter dreamland.

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