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Astrological sigils are like encoded messages, each uniquely representing a celestial entity or a zodiac sign. From the planets to the twelve signs of the zodiac, every astrological entity carries a corresponding sigil, each with its own intricate design and profound symbolism.

Celestial Sigils: Our Solar System

The Sun & Moon Sigils

As the two most prominent bodies in our skies, the Sun and Moon carry significant symbolic weight. The Sun represents our outwardly focused, conscious self, while the Moon signifies our inwardly focused, subconscious self. Together, they encapsulate the essence of human existence - a dance between the outward and inward, the conscious and the unconscious, the physical and the emotional.

Sun Sigil: The Center of Life

Sun Sigil

The sigil for the Sun is a simple circle with a dot at its center. This represents the self and its expression in the world, mirroring the Sun's role as the center of our solar system. The Sun symbol signifies vitality, life force, and creative energy. It is the beacon of self-identity and personal power.

Moon Sigil: The Realm of Emotion

Moon Sigil

The sigil for the Moon is a crescent, signifying the ever-changing and cyclical nature of the Moon. The Moon symbol represents emotions, instincts, and unconscious responses. It speaks to the aspects of ourselves that are hidden, intuitive, and connected with our dreams.

The Planetary Sigils


Mercury Sigil: The Divine Messenger

Mercury Sigil

The sigil for Mercury represents a combination of spirit and matter, reflecting its role as the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology. It consists of the circle of spirit above the cross of matter and a crescent, which signifies the mind.

Venus Sigil: The Emblem of Love

Venus Sigil

The sigil of Venus reflects beauty, love, and femininity. It's a mirror-like symbol, indicating the reflective nature of love and its power to bind and create harmony.

Mars Sigil: The Warrior Planet

Mars Sigil

Mars' sigil represents the shield and spear of the Roman god of war. It signifies aggression, ambition, and assertiveness, resonating with the passionate and combative energy of Mars.

Jupiter Sigil: The King of Planets

Jupiter Sigil

The sigil of Jupiter symbolizes a crescent rising above a cross, signifying the spiritual nature surpassing the materialistic world. It symbolizes expansion, abundance, and wisdom.

Saturn Sigil: The Taskmaster

Saturn Sigil

Saturn's sigil, with a cross over a crescent, signifies physical reality taking precedence over the mind or spirit. It reflects the planet's association with discipline, responsibility, and time.

Uranus Sigil: The Revolutionary


The sigil for Uranus represents the antenna sitting atop the cross of matter, depicting the planet's role as the cosmic receiver of innovative ideas. It is associated with originality, progressiveness, and revolution.

Neptune Sigil: The Mystic

Neptune Sigil

Neptune's sigil combines the cross of matter and three upward-facing prongs, signifying intuition and spiritual insight rising from the physical world. It represents illusion, mystery, and spiritual enlightenment.

Pluto Sigil: The Transformer

Pluto Sigil 

The sigil of Pluto depicts a circle over a crescent and a cross, signifying spirit and mind triumphing over the material realm. It reflects the planet's association with transformation, regeneration, and power.


Zodiac Sigils: The Circle of Life


Aries Sigil: The Ram

Aries Sigil

The sigil for Aries depicts a simplified ram's horns. It signifies the characteristics of initiation, courage, and assertiveness.


Taurus Sigil: The Bull

Taurus Sigil

Taurus' sigil resembles a bull's head and horns, symbolizing stability, practicality, and determination.

Gemini Sigil: The Twins

Gemini Sigil

The sigil for Gemini shows two vertical lines joined by two horizontal ones, symbolizing the twins and reflecting communication, adaptability, and duality.

Cancer Sigil: The Crab

Cancer Sigil

Cancer's sigil represents a crab’s claws, or a mother’s breasts, signifying nurturing, emotion, and protection.

Leo Sigil: The Lion

Leo Sigil

The sigil for Leo depicts the simplified form of a lion's mane, resonating with the Leo qualities of leadership, pride, and theatricality.

Virgo Sigil: The Virgin

Virgo Sigil

Virgo's sigil appears to be an 'M' with an added loop, symbolizing purity, meticulousness, and service.

Libra Sigil: The Scales

Libra Sigil

The sigil for Libra is a straight line with a sunrise, representing balance, harmony, and fairness, much like the balanced scales.

Scorpio Sigil: The Scorpion


The sigil for Scorpio is reminiscent of a scorpion's tail and stinger, reflecting intensity, transformation, and passion.

Sagittarius Sigil: The Archer

Sagittarius Sigil

Sagittarius' sigil represents an arrow pointing skyward, symbolizing the archer’s love of exploration, philosophy, and freedom.

Capricorn Sigil: The Goat


Capricorn's sigil appears like an 'N' with a loop, representing the mountain goat's ambition, prudence, and patience.

Aquarius Sigil: The Water Bearer


Aquarius' sigil consists of two undulating lines, signifying water or waves of electricity, reflecting the sign's characteristics of innovation, intellect, and humanitarianism.

Pisces Sigil: The Fish


The sigil for Pisces represents two fish swimming in opposite directions, symbolizing intuition, dreams, and emotion.


These astrological sigils, with their rich history and symbolism, continue to serve as an essential part of astrological practices, helping us navigate our own celestial journey.

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