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This abundance ritual is most potent when performed on a New Moon, though it can be performed anytime you want to plant a seed for abundance. This is also a way to charge the abundance sigil if you have an Abundance Sigil Signet.


To Make Your Own Abundance Sigil Ritual

1. Go into nature to align with the grounded, sublime energy of somewhere secluded. You can even do this ritual in your apartment with a potted plant if nature isn’t accessible.

2. Cleanse yourself with smoke, selenite, water, etc. and feel into abundance. What will it feel like to feel abundant? In time, money, community, talents, or anything else you want to cultivate.

3. Feeling into this energy, create your own sigil with the letters “bndc”, the core letters of “abundance” — or you can use our abundance sigil, found in our sigil library.

4. Find a natural object like a rock, a leaf, a stick — something small enough to bury that’s in your surroundings and is a natural part of your spot’s ecosystem.

5. Draw with natural pigment like charcoal, mud, or clay your sigil on your object. Make sure that it’s fully natural and won’t be harmful to the surrounding ecosystem.

6. Bury the object to symbolize planting a seed. Write down your vision of abundance and what it will feel like when you actualize the abundance you seek.

7. Take tiny actions each day to water your seed of abundance and create the life that you are envisioning. What little habits can you incorporate each day to feel more abundant? What can you cut out of you life that’s taking up too much space or getting in the way?

8. Check back in six months at the Cancer Full Moon to see how you’ve evolved into a more abundant version of yourself.

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