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A Ceremonial Invitation

A ritual is a powerful way to activate your sigil. You can make this as simple or as complex as you want. 

You may decide to create a ritual at your altar or simply sit and close your eyes for a few moments on your couch. You can do nothing at all, or you can get as creative as you want. You can even perform this ritual out in nature, in the bath, or in bed.

Do what feels right for you. As always, you know what’s most empowering for you, so take what resonates and leave the rest. This is simply an invitation.




Consider These Elements


You may want to gather the below materials to create your ritual.

  • incense, salt or selenite for cleansing
  • herbs that resonate with the energy you are calling in
  • a candle, ideally with natural wax like beeswax
  • a bowl with water or dirt
  • natural paper & pencil
  • anointing oil for your candle
  • a sharp object to carve into your candle
  • any other objects that call to you 


Maybe you want to: Create a salt circle. Carve your sigil into a candle, or anoint the candle with oil and herbs. Burn herbs. Write your intention, draw the sigil, and burn it. Draw your sigil on seed paper and bury it in the dirt. Trace the sigil on your body with soap & water. Take a stick and draw the sigil in the path of your favorite hike. Whisper your intention into the wind. Shout it from the top of a mountain.



A Sigil Activation Ritual


You can do this ritual solo or with a partner. Cleanse your space, and yourself with smoke, selenite, or by washing your hands and the area you will perform the ritual.


Place your sigil adornment on your ceremonial surface, or put it on your body. Open the ritual by taking several deep breaths to ground into your body. Focus on your intention.


Speak your intention aloud. If you are doing this ritual with a partner, speak your shared intention together.




Soften your gaze and close your eyes. meditate on the the sigil itself, and start to visualize your intention.


How will it feel to embody the energy of your sigil? Visualize and feel into your ideal reality, allowing your body to move if it asks. Give as much detail to how you will feel in this reality, and allow your current self to meld together with your vision.


Once you feel complete, look at your sigil and once again speak your intention aloud, sealing in the energy.


Ground back into your body with deep breaths and gratitude.




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