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Custom Sigils

We can create a custom sigil for you or can adapt a sigil of your own design. Some ideas for custom sigils are below. All custom sigils are one-of-one and will never be reproduced, ensuring that your talisman is as unique as you.

Your custom sigil will be emailed to you once for approval before it is cast into gold and should take roughly ten weeks to make before it is shipped.


When choosing your intention, please choose a singular focus. It’s best to choose something you’d like to call in for the rest of your lifetime rather than a short-lived intention. The more specific and unique the intention is to you, the more potent your Sigil Signet will be.

Example: “I attract abundance,” or “Abundance flows to me freely,” is a more powerful and timeless intention than “I want a raise,” or “I want to make $100,000 next year.”

A loved one

In Medieval times, sigils were used to write the names of angels to call in their energy. We can create a custom sigil for you to call in the energy of a loved one and keep you connected to them. This is a charming option for a parent of a newborn or for someone who is missing a loved one.


Channeling archetypes is one of the most potent embodiment practices we can cultivate. Think of archetypes as the building blocks of human experience, the roles we all intrinsically know, like the mother, child, teacher, rebel, trickster, etc.

One of the more common ways of working with archetypes is to choose an archetype that has the characteristics you wish to strengthen in yourself.



If you have a sigil of your own design that you would like made into a piece of jewelry, please email us the photo so that we can assess if it’s possible. We can also create a fully custom ring or pendant shapes for you, can rush orders, cast in multiple metal types, and can customize sizing. If you have an idea in gold, there's a high likelihood we can make it happen. Please reach out so that we can collaborate on your vision.

For all questions, feel free to reach out to us using this form or by emailing us at If you email directly, please include “Custom” in your subject line.

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