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A lovely way to mark the official beginning of your energy shift is to practice a ritual or ceremony to activate your Sigil Signet. 

Should you choose to do this, you can create a ritual as simple or as complex as you want. You may decide to perform a full ritual at your altar or simply sit and close your eyes for a few moments at your kitchen table.

You can do nothing at all or you can get as creative as you want. You can even perform this ritual in a bath, by the sea, or in bed. The below is simply a suggestion to get your own creative juices flowing.

Do what feels right for you. As always, you know what is most empowering for you, so take what resonates and leave the rest.




You may want to gather the below materials to create your ritual.

  • incense or selenite (for cleansing)
  • a candle (ideally with natural wax like beeswax)
  • anointing oil (an herb oil like rose oil is nice)
  • herbs (gather herbs that resonate with the energy you are calling in)
  • a sharp object (to carve into your candle)
  • any other objects that call to you




Cleanse your space and yourself with smoke, selenite, or by washing your hands and the area where you will perform the ritual.

Open the ritual by taking several deep breaths to ground into your body. Focus on your intention.

If you choose to anoint a candle, you can do so by delicately carving your sigil and/or adding oil and herbs to the wax part of the candle, taking care to not get any on the wick.

Place the Sigil Signet on your ceremonial surface or on your finger. Light the candle.

Focus on your intention and speak it aloud. Breathe deep. Soften your gaze on the candle's flame and meditate on a visualization of a reality where your intention already exists.

How will it feel to embody the energy of your sigil? Visualize and feel into your ideal reality, allowing your body to move if it asks.

Once the candle naturally extinguishes or once you feel complete, look at your sigil. Once again speak your intention aloud, sealing in the ceremony's energy.

Ground back into your body with deep breaths and gratitude.

Your Sigil Signet is activated.

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